Five littles frogs : 26 chansons et comptines anglaises

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Onery, twoery00min13 
This old man01min29 
Mosquito one00min42 
One two three a-leary00min36 
My hat it has one bobble01min10 
Everyone freeze01min24 
Body beat02min02 
Onery, twoery00min15 
Five purple elephants02min17 
Five little ducks01min51 
Five little froggies01min45 
Three ripe bananas01min04 
Three cows sat upon a wa'01min41 
Let's do the numbers rumba03min36 
Onery, twoery00min15 
One stick of barley-o01min21 
Gingerbread man01min31 
Ten fat sausages01min30 
One bottle of pop02min48 
Onery, twoery00min14 
Nine little starships03min49 
The bangor boat02min16 
Alice, the camel01min36 
Engine, engine01min44 
One man went to mow01min45 
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